Payments info

  • ElVino's payment methods are:


    Payment upon receipt of the order at your place with cash on delivery

    Pay off your order by having it delievered to your place. The delivery service has an additional charge of € 2.20.
    In case of non-payment method you can choose between credit card or bank deposit (wire transfer).


    Receipt and payment of your order in our store

    Place your order at elvino.gr and receive your products from our store.
    There must be a telephone interview beforehand to make sure we have the items in our warehouses.


    Payment by bank deposit

    If you do not have a credit card or if you do not find it convenient, you can pay your order through a bank account.
    Discount your order in one of the following Banks accounts we work with:

    Piraeus Bank:
    BANK ACCOUNT: 522-00838593-91
    IBAN : GR71 0172 2200 0052 2008 3859 391

    BANK ACCOUNT: 0026.0122.45.0200742647
    IBAN : GR88 026 0122 0000 4502 0074 2647

    Alpha Bank:
    BANK ACCOUNT: 720002002007524
    IBAN : GR74 01407200720002002007524

    Beneficiary: elVino OE

    4. Paypal
    The popular payment method for every online store. If you do not have a paypal account you can do so here.

    5. Credit Card Payment.

    Credit card transactions are cleared at elvino.gr by Piraeus Bank.
    You can use it safely to pay for your products. The credit card payment process is completely secure, and is covered by the latest security standards. The process is extremely simple and fast and elvino.gr does not store personal and credit card and debit card data of its customers.